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How to RUN MAPViewer example from qtlocation

  • Hi,

    I installed Qt 5.0.1 and added QtLocation,Qt3d to QT SDK.
    How can I run mapviewer application throws me error qrc:///mapviewer.qml:547: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

  • This error is caused because the parameters property is not being set. I recently fixed this in qtlocation commit 966e2b7cb14aebe89589af77c68980dfba8d1b82. You could update to the latest Qt Location, though I think no longer builds against Qt 5.0. Alternatively just remove the conditional from line 107 of qmlmapviewerwrapper.cpp. Though that wont work either. To use the Nokia geoservices plugin (the only one provided with your version of Qt Location) you need an app_id and token which you can get from Then launch mapviewer with

    --plugin.app_id <your_app_id> --plugin.token <your_token>

    The latest Qt Location master branch has support for Open Street Maps.

  • Hi,
    Any support for 3D maps using qtlocation ?

  • Qt Location does not currently support 3D maps.

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