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[SOLVED]How I can receive real QToolBox tab geometry?

  • Greetings.

    I want to know real QToolBox tab geometry, at least - size. May be somebody knows, how I can receive it.

    Now i work with QToolBox tabs like QAbstractButtons:
    @QObjectList l = toolBox->children();
    for (QObjectList::iterator it = l.begin(); it < l.end(); it++)
    if (QAbstractButton *btn = dynamic_cast<QAbstractButton *>(*it))@
    But its geometry doesn't affect real tab size.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for watch.

    @template <class type>
    int QuestionList::dragEvent(type *event)
    if (toolBox->geometry().contains(event->pos())
    && event->mimeData()->hasFormat("question")) {
    QAbstractButton *prev = 0;
    QAbstractButton *cur = 0;
    QObjectList l = toolBox->children();
    for (int i = 0; i < l.count(); i++) {
    prev = cur;
    if (cur = dynamic_cast<QAbstractButton *>( {
    QStyleOptionToolBoxV2 *option = new QStyleOptionToolBoxV2;
    QRect buttonGeometry = cur->style()->subElementRect(QStyle::SE_ToolBoxTabContents, option);
    buttonGeometry.setTop( + cur->geometry().top());
    if (buttonGeometry.contains(cur->pos())) {
    buttonGeometry.setHeight(buttonGeometry.height() / 2);
    if (buttonGeometry.contains(event->pos())
    && event->mimeData()->hasFormat("question")) {
    unlightHighlight(prev, cur);
    return cur->text().section(QChar(0x2116), -1).toInt();
    } else {
    buttonGeometry.setTop( + buttonGeometry.height());
    if (buttonGeometry.contains(event->pos())
    && event->mimeData()->hasFormat("question")) {
    prev = cur;
    cur = 0;
    for (i++; !cur && i < l.count(); i++)
    cur = dynamic_cast<QAbstractButton *>(;
    unlightHighlight(prev, cur);
    return prev->text().section(QChar(0x2116), -1).toInt() + 1;
    if (!toolBox->count()) {
    return 0;
    return 0;

  • What do you mean with "tab geometry"? The geometry of the tab header or the tab header + the corresponding widget?

  • Tab header, only. I forgot mention this.

  • The tab is drawn with a style. Maybe you can get the sizes with "QStyle::subControlRect() ": or "QStyle::subElementRect() ":

  • Why do you say that its geometry doesn't affect the real size? Can you paste a testcase?

  • [quote author="peppe" date="1292505176"]Why do you say that its geometry doesn't affect the real size? Can you paste a testcase?[/quote]

    Because its geometry doesn't include area with tab header decoration line.

    Yes, of course, I add it to post.

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1292497331"]The tab is drawn with a style. Maybe you can get the sizes with "QStyle::subControlRect() ": or "QStyle::subElementRect() ":[/quote]

    Thank you very much, may be it is a way out for me. I trying to use it, but it doesn't work as i want, may be i do something wrong.

    I paste code which i use into the post. May be you can help me.

  • I don't know what exactly you want to do. Could you explain a bit more in detail. Maybe there is another way to achieve the same.

  • I want to implement drag&drop of tab-widgets between multiple QToolBox.
    When the drag is initialized current widgets QScrollArea is hidden, and ToolBox consists only from tab headers, I need to know which tab header under mouse.

    If there is any way to do it correctly?

    I want to use QToolBox because of it beautiful design and policy which autohide all non active widgets.

  • Now i need to add some new functionality which can not be added via QToolBox. Now i write my box-class.

    Thank to all very much.

    And excuse me for my bad English.

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