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  • im new to developing gui applications and new to Qt. i wrote a simple program and it works fine, but when i build and run the application, it does not have that "Ubuntu theme" feel. i know that this is just a cosmetic difference. here is a picture of the application next to the gui design

    ps: i had problems trying to upgrade from qt4 to qt5 and fixed it best i could. im sure my problem has something to do with the settings. happy to join the Qt community

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    So you are now on Qt5, right? There were some changes in QStyles for Qt5. I'm not up to speed in that department, but I think "this blog": might help you. In short, try forcing your app to use Cleanlooks or Fusion style (many ways to do that, for testing you can just pass -style cleanlooks to your app in command line).

  • Does it also doesn't work, if you start the program "normal" and not in QtCreator?
    I am only asking, because it could be, that you start your program as root and then, it may happen, that the style guides are not in use.

  • sierdzio: i tried changing the style in option menu of Qt and i used the command line and both dont change the look of the program

    Serenity: the program still looks weird when i run the program outside of Qt

    i dont know if this helps but i have two different qmake files in different folder locations. does qmake matter in terms of the program gui styles?

  • problem solved. tweaked kits and build setting and it looks like it should

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