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Qt5 in Linux repositories

  • Hello,

    can anybody tell me, why Qt5 are not in any latest linux distro in the repository?
    Is it because of porting KDE? Is there a plan, when the first distributions will come with Qt5?

    I took my information from at the most common distributin (Ubuntu/Mint, Fedora, Mageia, OpenSUSE, CentOS,Gentoo) and I found no distribution with Qt5 in it.

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    Updating repos is up to distros themselves. Qt devs are in close contact with them, some even contribute to the project. Decision is theirs, though. As almost all Qt software runs Qt4 at the moment, there is probably not much need to include Qt5 in the repos.

  • That's right, but when I write Qt5 software and want to spread it out as a RPM oder DEB package, all Linux user got problem to install it because of the missing Qt5 libraries, which they cannot easily install trough the repository.

    That's the reason, why I am asking. Most of my end-users are not developer or even know Qt ;)

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    Ask distro packagers. Ubuntu should pick up Qt5 quickly, as they seem to be very interested in it.

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