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Qt widgets lose focus?

  • Hey,

    I have been using Qt 4.6.4 on Windows 7 64-bit for two years. Recently, I am having a weird issue with only Qt widgets. It appears on all my Qt applications (which includes the Qt exampled applications). I don't seem to be able to press buttons, as if the window is out of focus. If I drag the complete window, or resize it, I seem to be able to press on a button. If I immediately try to press on another button (child of another parent widget), the same problem seems to appear again. I am not sure if it is a Windows or Qt issue.. but this problem only appears on Qt widgets. I also sometimes have a problem maximizing any application opened in the taskbar (still appears to be a focus issue).. I fix that by pressing ctrl-alt-delete.. then starting the task manager.. then windows starts to behave correctly again. Nevertheless, the Qt problem always persists.

    I update and restarted windows, and don't have any malware.

    The only option infront of me now is to reinstall windows.. any idea on how to fix that any other way would be surely appreciated! :)

  • Following up, I think the problem is now solved.

    The wireless Logitech mouse I was using seemed to be causing the problem. When I turn it off.. or remove its dongle, windows, and the Qt programs appear to behave well. I still don't understand how a faulty mouse can cause such selective behavior, but I am glad things are working fine :)

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