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QMessageBox in MFC application

  • Hi Experts,

    I have a MFC MDI application, and somewhere I'd like to pop up a QMessageBox.
    However, I find that the message box is not modal, I still can interact with "view" and "main frame" in MFC world.
    Here're my codes, any suggestions? Thanks!

    // parentHwnd is the HWND of CView from MFC
    m_parent = new QWinWidget(parentHwnd);
    QMessageBox msg(m_parent);


  • As I know if parent is not null the message box will be window modal relative to the parent. But it still not solves (if I understand well the comment in the first line) why you can interact with the view.

  • Exec spinns a local event loop.But I'm not sure, whether this loop catches th windows event or sends them to the corresponding windows...

  • Thanks All, I find the cause: I should set parent window to main frame(instead of the view)

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