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[Solved] Program Hangs at UI Draw

  • I've run into a rather disruptive bug with my project.

    Whenever the program starts and it appears as if the UI is about to draw, the program hangs. At first, I thought it was an infinite loop somewhere in my code, but then after doing extensive debug logging, I came up with nothing.

    I've jumped through the code with breakpoints to see where in the QT source code this happens, and I've determined it happens at line 201 in qeventloop.cpp, with this code:

    processEvents(flags | WaitForMoreEvents | EventLoopExec);

    I have come to a conclusion that it might be one of my events, but after looking through my code, nothing appeared to be wrong.

    Since there is so much source to this project, it is all located on Github, at

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Your problem is the second while loop in Highlighter::highlightBlock, I haven't delved deeper than this but you have an infinite loop there

  • Ah, thanks a lot!

    I forgot to include the commentStartExpression and commentEndExpression, so it was looking for nothing lol.

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