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[SOLVED] How to configure Qt5, or more specific how to enable XSLT and LIBXML2

  • Hi,

    I am able to compile Qt 5.0.1 on my osx Mountain Lion, but only if I modifying one of the pro files for Webkit

    Therefore I need your help to circumvent this hack and use the configure script in the right way.

    And here are the details:

    In qt5/qtwebkit/Source/WebCore/WebCore.pri you can find this construction

    enable?(XSLT) {
    use?(LIBXML2) {
    mac {
    INCLUDEPATH += /usr/include/libxml2
    LIBS += -lxml2 -lxslt
    } else {
    PKGCONFIG += libxslt
    } else {
    QT *= xmlpatterns

    What I needed to do, for being able to compile, is to set or remove the "enable" and "use" construction. However, what I do not know is: How can I do this from the configure script?

    Thanks for your help !


    p.s. I asked the question already in the WebKit "subforum": but didn't get response. I guess it was not so clear what I wanted...Hope it is fine to ask it again here.

  • After digging deeper in build process of Qt 5, I was able to solve the problem. It was the missing library libxslt, which caused the problem. After installing it with macports, the problem vanished. :-)

    I also suggested to change the requirement section "here": .



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