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Linux And Windows FileDialogBox

  • Quick Question ,

    When we are using QFileDialogbox::getopenfilename in windows it is displaying drives and all folders but when we use the same in linux it is only displaying the root folder and home folder.and when we open the qtcreator file->openProject that file dialog displays all the drives but mot mine.SO how to create a file dialog to display even drives in linux as QtCreator Does.

    Please Help.
    Thank you.

  • Linux is different, it doesn't have drives, like Windows (C:/ D:/, etc.)
    It may mount drives to /media, for example.
    What linux distro are you using?

  • Yes but it has the drives like others , softwares and other drives which name we allocated the label of drive but not c:/ d:/ i use ubuntu Linux

  • If you open file manager, can you see drives that you want?
    Can you please attach 2 screenshots:

    1. Default file manager
    2. QFileDialog

  • Ok Now Solved the problem its the problem with my linux os other than my os its working.

    Thank you For Replying Me.


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