Qml variant to custom QtObject

  • I have 2 different C++ objects using Q_PROPERTY and Q_INVOKABLE for a function, in my qml file I have this:

    include MyObject 1.0 //from c++
    incluce MyInvokable 1.0 //from c++

    property variant myVariant


    id: myInvokable
    myVariant = myObject;
    myInvocable.invokableFunction( myVariant )

    At MyInvokable function I can't get the value of MyObject:

    void MyInvocable::invocableFunction(QVariant variant)
    MyObject myObject = qvariant_cast<MyObject>(variant) ; //cant convert to MyObject
    qDebug() << "foo: " << myObject.foo();

    MyObject has the macro

    How can I convert QVariant to my custom Object ?


  • You don't need to convert from QVariant, try to work with QObject* pointers.
    void MyInvocable::invocableFunction(QObject* object)
    MyObject* myObject = static_cast<MyObject*>(object);
    qDebug() << "foo: " << myObject->foo(); // pointers!

  • I agree with beemaster, just that I would replace that static_cast with a much more safe qobject_cast.

  • Reading your qml, you use a variant there too. Its almost never useful to have a variant in QML, since QML is typesafe. In this case you don't need that property in the first place, but otherwise you should consider using the QtObject type instead;

  • Thanks beemaster, Thomas Zander I have taken your advices and now my program works.

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