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Where are Qml components?

  • Hi,
    all components available 'out of box' are only those listed here: ?
    What about buttons, progress bars, menus? What with cpp classes like QPushButton? Are they available in qml? Everyone could create his own components, but then obviously there would be no uniform appearance in the system. Or should the system provide such sets?

    I'm new in Qt world.

  • The Qt Controls are being worked on, see for example here:

  • Hi,

    An inexact analogy is as follows:

    QML is the language, similar to, say, C.

    QtQuick provides the graphics primitives, so you can think of it as being similar to Cairo or the Arthur paint system. It also provides positioning, input handling, events etc, so the analogy isn't exact.

    QtQuick Components sets provide the controls (push buttons / context menus / etc). The "standard" component set is still in development, as frederik mentioned. Different platforms can provide their own component sets with native look and feel, and there are efforts underway to unify the API designs of some component sets current under development.

    I hope this explanation helps.


  • Yes, it helps. I was wondering where is that "standard" set of components.

    Thanks for clarification,

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