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Custom ListView for chat window

  • Hi Gurus!
    I want to create interface with Qt creator 2.6.1 (Qt 5.0)


    I need to know the path to it, please suggest if I should use QListView or QListWidget?

    should I sub class ListView or should I apply style sheets, when I look into most of the samples I see more of qml rather then C++ code.

    Sikander Mirza

  • QListView or QListWidget doesn't matter. The latter is just a subclass of the first, and only adds a build-in, item based model to the basis QListView. I'd go for the View option any day. If you want an item based API for the model, just use a QStandardItemModel.

    You can do this using a delegate, but it will require custom rendering of the item. QML is more suited for this.

  • thanks a lot, as being a newbie to Qt, I have tried doing some random R&D and may be the question is not appropriate, I work with C++ and of-course instead of sub-classing and custom rendering it is better to use QML, I want to understand something that...

    in QML I would be able to write up the look and feel of the listview and then set this model to ListView via some API's (if I am write then please guide me with the steps)

    1- I created a new qml file called myList.qml
    2- I tried using QDeclarativeEngine or things like that but I can't include them.

    so lets say I want to create a button custom button or any custom widget(specifically a listView like above) in a Qt C++ application I am unable to get a start of it.

    so please let me know
    do I have to include some other Libraries headers?
    can I get a a few simple lines of steps to have a qml based list view in place like how to invoke a qml.
    QDeclarativeEngine *engine = new QDeclarativeEngine();


  • Hi There!
    I managed to find out that now it would be like with Qt 5.0 the changes in the

    QQuickView view;
    now the testnew.qml looks like
    import QtQuick 2.0

    Rectangle { width: 200; height: 200; color: "red" }
    but still when I launch Application I don't see anything so please correct my basic concept if its wrong.

    I created a basic Qt Gui Application.
    added QT += qml quick to .pro file.

    and I thought that on my C++ application a box or 200x200 with a red colour will appear.
    but I don't understand where it would be placed probably in center of my form?

    please tell me the very first steps or guide me to a visual or other tutorial.

    the application that I have is a simple chat application with image background and with custom listview and image buttons.

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