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Need to know JavaScript to take full advantate of Qt 5?

  • I was reading about Qt on" wikipedia": and the next section got me thinking:

    bq. This new version marks a major change in the platform, with hardware-accelerated graphics, QML and JavaScript playing a major role. The traditional C++-only QWidgets will continue to be supported, but will not benefit from the performance improvements available through the new architecture.

    Does this mean that One needs to be proficient in Javascript to really enjoy it?Also learned that it will be possible to use Qt to write applications for android based products.Symbian only support of Qt is what has been stopping me from digging more into QML.

  • Proficient - hardly. Adequate - sure. You can get away with very trivial JavaScript to implement simple logic along QML markup. It just saves a lot of time, if you plan to implement that same logic in C++ and encapsulate it into custom QML components QML becomes a tedious burden.

    Sadly it is not just the extra performance, but also a tremendous amount of the new features. Many people are unhappy with the fact like 99% of the "tangible" improvements in Qt are exclusively available to QML, even though they are implemented in C++. That is the whole point of the epic "Does Qt need a modern C++ GUI API?": poll/discussion/battlefield...

  • Though Qml is still given much importance, c++ widgets are getting more love from Digia. You can avoid JS completely if you want. You can do logic in c++ and UI in Qml though I would have loved a modern c++ gui api.

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