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[Solved] OpenGL Windows Qt 5.0.1 MinGW

  • After sorting out my issues with OpenGL on the Mac I've now moved on to Windows... I'd like to get at least an OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile but openGLVersionFlags() only returns OpenGL_ES_Version_2_0. Is that really all that is available in the MinGW build? I was able to use 4.0 Core Profile in Qt 4.8 MinGW why would 5 be limited to ES?

  • /sigh this again! ;)

    The problem is that the precompiled Qt 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 libraries are built against ANGLE which only provide OpenGL ES 2 support.

    If you want to get desktop OpenGL support you need to either build your own Qt 5 libraries passing in -opengl desktop to configure.bat or wait until 5.0.2 is released.

    Please vote and comment on to help ensure this happens.

  • OK, that was fairly painless. It would be nice to not have to build it myself but at least it didn't require any changes to the Qt source. All is working now, thanks!

  • Great - glad you got it sorted.

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