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Hardware accelerated realtime graph/chart

  • Hello together,

    I want to implement a realtime chart/graph to visualize data. In my special case, the data comes from
    a high speed USB device. At the moment, I only need 2D visualisation.

    Since the UI should run on several kind of devices I thought that QtQuick2 would be the best choice.

    What is the preferred why to implement such a hardware accelerated graph/chart?

    • Implement QtQuick addition in C++ with QPainter
    • Use custom geometry in the Qt Quick Scene Graph
    • Implement Graph in C++/OpenGL and use OpenGL Under QML

    That are the ways I know at the moment from looking around in
    the examples.

    Any other ways?

    Best Regards,

  • You can alsouse the new Canvas item which essentially gives you QPainter functionality in javascript.

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