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How to make install app using statically built opensource libraries using Qt 5 to build app

  • I built the opensource libraries using the configure -static option (plus other options) on Windows 7 32 bit. I then ran nmake and added the compiled libraries to Qt 5 as a kit, and built the app. Then I added the necessary dlls using the instructions at

    The resulting package runs on Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit, but it doesn't run on XP, Vista, or Windows 8. Does anyone have any experience in which other dlls are needed. I used dependency walker, but the list of dlls is huge. Is it just a process of elimination with that list, or is there some needed dlls that are commmonly needed. Also dependency walker does completely list all of the dlls. For example, does it list DirectX SDK needed dlls (I used configure with the -angle option)? Or other dlls not listed? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Notice the supported platforms list;

  • Just wondering if you realize that WinXP is 11 years old. Vista is 6 years old.
    If those are important platforms, maybe its better to use older technology, and not Qt5 and DirectX.

  • I know. I was just wondering if I could make a universal installer package. From the link provided by the first reply, only Windows 7 32 bit with angle is supported. Oh well, so much for Qt 5. Do you know which Qt environments I could use to develop in XP and Vista? I guess Windows 8 is a no go. Or can you develop with Qt 5 in Windows 8? Or can you develop in Qt 5 on all those platforms, just having to build the libraries statically on each platform?

  • First of all, static linking is sooo 1990s :) You can ship dlls and install them in your app dir. Rename them if you are really worried about conflicts. But from experience I know its not an issue. I have at least 5 Qt versions on my machine, various of them come from externally installed apps. No issues there.
    Static linking works Ok for a small lib, so maybe just QtCore, for instance. I don't see the logic for GUI apps.

    If you want to develop for XP, expect a computer that is almost 11 years old, not sure how fast its going to be, so using the newest Qt is... overkill. Use Qt4.x for that, I'd say.
    Vista is not much different, and a really small market anyway since that release flopped. Source, wikipedia:

    Either way, use Qt4 for those dinosaurs!

    Win7 is the most used Windows, by far, currently. And Qt5 works perfectly fine on it. It also means it will work perfectly fine on the other major (and minor) platforms :)

    For Win8, see the dedicated page at

  • OK. Thanks a lot. Makes a lot of sense. I'll look at the Windows 8 link. Thanks a lot for all of your replies.

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