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Problems installing & running Qt5.0.1 and QtCreator 2.6.2

  • I've been using Qt4 for some time, since I have computers with a variety of operating systems: Win8, Win7; Osx Lion, and Ubuntu 12.04. I tried upgrading to Qt5, and it has been a disaster.

    I was able to install the "qt-windows-opensource-5.0.1-mingw47_32-x86-offline" on my Win8 notebook, but when I try to build my latest Qt4 project, none of the Qt include files can be found.

    On my Win7 desktop, using the same install program, it seems to install correctly, but will not run. If I click on the icon, the wait circle shows momentarily and then nothing. The program just doesn't run. No sign of it in the task manager.

    On my Ubuntu desktop, the installer ( will not install saying that there is only 483Mb available on a 250Mb drive that I have 271Mb available.

    Am I just snakebit?

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    Qt 5 has a somewhat different layout than Qt 4 wrt. the header files. Yes, you might need to change the include paths and maybe even a bit in the .pro files. This is documented in the "porting guide": .

    Win 7 failing is not nice. Did you file a bug report?

    I do not understand your ubuntu trouble... how can you have 271Mb available on a 250Mb drive?

  • Sorry, fat fingers. 171MB available on the 250MB drive.

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    Oh, I guess creator on ubuntu is trying to communicate that there is not enough room to store the SDK then (and failing at that;-).

    You could always "file a bug report": to get that fixed.

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