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Qt designer and unicode

  • Hi everybody,
    I new here.
    I have the following issue . I would like to entry a char as unicode code in qtdesigner-qpushbutton in text property.
    it is two day i am looking in internet and your forums etc.
    i have tried some of these:
    \u2211, '\u2211', 0x2211,'0x2211',\u2211,'\u2211', u+2211,'u+2211',ࢣ, etc etc..... but without success.
    i know how to do it in the code , but i prefer to do it in qtdesigner.
    i have qtcreator 2.4.1 and qt 4.8.0.
    any suggestion is welcome

  • As Designer is unicode aware, there is no need for escape sequences. Just type in whatever you need there directly, or copy/paste from your Character Map application (or equivalent).

  • Thanks . it works with cut and paste
    But if i really want to entry a unicode code of a char for example u0419. what have i to write in the property text of qpushbutton ?

  • Qt doesn't provide its own keyboard mappings for that, but usually you can enter codes in an OS using something like keeping your ALT key pressed and typing the code in on the numeric pad of your keyboard.

  • Thanks, i will try...

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