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QAxServer based controls need a explicit event process immediately after ui setup.

  • I find some problem when using ActiveQt in 5.0.0, windows XP Sp3 VS2010.

    • Active Control based on QAxbase will not enter a correct event loop unless QCoreApplication::processEvents() is called immediately after ui setup (my control has sub widgets, such as QListView and QTreeView). We will mostly get a white-style blocked widget area if processEvents is not called.
    • Even if the control has been successfully created using processEvents(), some problems still happen. Anytime I want to create a new widget from control, eg, a floatbar, processEvents must be called again immediately after creation statement.
    • I tested my control in C#, MFC, ActiveX test container with VC6.

    Also, designer lost QAXContainer icon in the toolbar.

  • Anyone met this problem ?

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