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File hosting with multiple file servers

  • hi , i want to create a file host with multiple servers to keep file , its my idea and i need to know its possible ? and what QT give to my to do this ?
    i want to create my own protocol between client and servers with this commands
    Create Folder
    Upload file
    Download file
    Main server will keep folders and file details on Database , client will connect to Main server and get folders/files list , this part is easy , but main problem is upload / download a file because each file can be stored on a File server , and i need to download / upload file directly from client to File server , how i can handle this ?
    my idea for upload is :

    1. Client send its upload request to Main server
    2. Server will look at database and send a File server address and a random key to client
    3. Client connects to File server and send that random key to File server and other client account details
    4. File server will check that random key and user information with Main server
    5. if that Random key and other user information is valid in database , Main server will send accept response to file Server
    6. Upload will begin from Client to File server
    7. after upload Finished , File server will send a log to Client and Main server
      its a good way ?
      i have read Tcp Sockets in QT

  • Sounds like a fun project!
    Give it a go :)

    If you have actual direct questions, feel free to ask them here.

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