Qtcreator 2.6.2 (self built x64) autodetects bogus qmake location and Remove is greyed out

  • In the Qt Versions tab of Build & Run. How do I remove this? When I start qtcreator its console window fills with messages like:
    Cannot update Qt version information: <bogus location>. I've checked - there is no directory there. And no environment variable, and the <bogus directory> isn't in my PATH. But this <bogus directory> did exist sometime in the past (Qt 5.0.0 beta2).

    QtCreator seems to run OK (I've set my default Kits to a manually provided url) - I've only created basic gui and qtquick 2 projects. So this might be a cosmetic error.

  • The clean-up button in Qt Creator 2.7 will allow to remove that.

    If it annoys you too much to wait for 2.7 (beta was just released yesterday), then you can edit the qtversions.xml file in QT_CREATOR_INSTALL_LOCATION/share/qtcreator/QtProject/qtcreator and remove the entry there. If that is the only autodetected Qt version you have you can also remove that file completely.

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