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Weird UI issues when using OpenGL on Mac OS

  • I'm making a desktop Qt application with widgets and OpenGL and having weird GUI performance and appearance issues. I do not use QtOpenGl. The problems are on Mac, doesn't happen on Windows (with Qt5 built with -opengl desktop). Also, this is only happening when using frame buffer. The openGL window creation/initializtion code is scattered across several classes and not very concise so I'm not posting any code yet. Any general ideas on how OpenGL initialization can hinder Qt widgets?

    P. S. Everything was fine with Qt 4.

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    No, by default QtWidgets do not use OpenGL. Dependency is there because QtGui requires it (to say it again, though: widgets are still painted using raster engine. Which got 25% faster in Qt5, by the way).

  • Thank you. That is unexpected. Do you have any idea of how inserting OpenGL window into Qt window hierarchy might affect UI performance and even appearance?

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