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Database Application Framework

  • Dear all,

    I am looking for a database application framework for Qt. Since database application share common requirements including adding new records, editing, deleting, navigation, searching, printing and help (...), it would be great to have a class library or framework which provides these functions in a generic way. Is there anybody who has written a database application and is willing to share his codes and experience? Are there any 3rd party tools, commercial or not, which provide this kind of functionality?

    I am a newbie to Qt and do not know the market very well, but in the programming worlds I know it is quite common to find such tools 'out of the box', and it could probably save me a lot of time if such framework or class library would already exist. Alternatively I would be interested in sample database applications which can be used as a blueprint for my application.

    Any help or hints in this direction would be greatly appreciated,



  • I've my own set of database development codes in a library that i wrote for common tasks. It consist most common things like backup/restore, wizards to create databases, connection dialogs, etc. I use this tools almost in every data-oriented project. The database system follows a singleton pattern and it's integrated with other tools like access control list, authentication provider, cryptography, etc.

    I believe every Qt programmer has his/her own implementation of common tasks. It may not be a well-packed generic library, maybe a code collection or something like that.

    َUpdate: You may not need such a library for doing things in Qt. If you're new to Qt, try using features provided by the framework. That should be enough for developing 90% of data-oriented applications.

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