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QLabel to stretch with text

  • Hey guys, I have whats probably a stupid question. I've followed a tutorial to implement my own label type successfully, but when I tried it I could see only one character, because the QLabel does not stretch with the text assigned when I assign text to the QML element for it. The only fix I've had which displays the whole of whatever I assign so far is to put a whole load of spaces in the QLabel's text property from the C++

    @ mLabel = new QLabel(QString(" "));@

    I couldn't see any properties or methods on the docs that seemed applicable to my situation, or maybe I missed something crucial

    Hopefully I explained everything properly.

    Thanks for any help you can offer me!

  • Use the Text item in QML, not the QLabel (widget) based class.
    You use that from QML directly, not from C++

  • I would, but as I said, I was just doing this as an exercise to learn about extending QML via C++ :P

  • You do not really provide enough context to solve the issue. QLabel should never be used inside a qt quick Item. If you are indeed trying to use a QLabel in a QQuickPaintedItem, it might be that your QLabel size is simply not connected to the size of the QQuickItem and stays fixed size never allowing it to expand to its full size.

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