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Size of custom qml types

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to extend qml by a custom type defined in C++. My type - called SvgItem - is supposed to be able to render a single element of a svg file (by elementId, like QGraphicsSvgItem).
    I got it working in-so-far, that the elements are painted in qml. Unfortunately, qml seems to be unable to access size information of my custom type. Therefore, I cannot put my SvgItem in a grid properly or make out its center.

    I implemented SvgItem by inheriting QDeclarativeItem and delegating to a QGraphicsSvgItem in painting functions. The QGraphicsSvgItem is held as a member in SvgItem.
    I declared the Q_PROPERTYs source and elementId in order to access the svg file and its elements, which apperently works.
    However, my SvgItem has no size in qml.

    I found a similar implementation in the KDE project: "SvgItem.h":
    It makes use of the properties implicitWidth and implicitHeight. I implemented them in my SvgItem, but it was no help.

    What is the correct way to go, in order to impart the size information to qml?

    Thanks a lot!

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