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Application cache with QtWebkit

  • It's possible the use AppCache with QtWebkit,
    "Example of AppCache in HTML5":

    I use qt 4.8 and I try the webview on qml and widget.

    these are the option that I use for create the webview
    webView->page()->settings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::OfflineWebApplicationCacheEnabled, true);
    webView->page()->settings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::LocalStorageEnabled, true);
    webView->settings()->enablePersistentStorage("my path");

    and on my html page I have this script to check if the manifest file was changed
    function init() {
    function updatePage(){
    var status = window.applicationCache.status;
    document.getElementById('txt')[removed] = "status: "+status;

    On the web browser (e.g. chrome) the div txt is egual to 1 or 4 if I change the manifest file.
    On the qt application is always 0, that's means the application is not prepared to receive cache.

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