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QtTools Won't Compile

  • Hi,

    I've downloaded Qt5.0.1 source zip from download page and compiled with MinGW 4.7.2 x32 or x64. I decided to compile by myself because of this annoying bug: "QTBUG-8764":

    The compilation ended without any errors, but none of QtTools was compiled, like Assistant and Designer. There is something I should do to get the tools compiled?

    Here is my config:
    configure -opensource -confirm-license -debug-and-release -platform win32-g++ -plugin-sql-sqlite -opengl desktop -no-openssl -no-icu -nomake examples -nomake demos -nomake tests > configure.log
    mingw32-make -j 4 > build.log

  • I looked to source and this tools has a *.pro files so you can compile it in Qt Creator by yourself.

  • Thanks for your answer.
    I could try that, but what if I don't want to install or compile QtCreator? Qt 4.8.x generates the makefiles to compile the tools after I run configure, then everything gets compiled. I'ts makes no sense to me, having the tools under src folder like version 4.8.x and it's not getting compiled.

    Feels like I'm missing some config parameters.

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