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[SOLVED] How to use pkcs11-helper in QT?

  • I've compiled qca in first place and successfully copied "cryto.prf" file to "C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\mingw\mkspecs\features".
    then i compiled qca-pkcs11-provider which gave me a dll to put it in QtDir/plugins/crypto which i did!!
    but i'm still not able to use pkcs11 functions!!
    i've added CONFIG +=crypto option in my .pro file and include QtCrypto in my .cpp file.
    my problem is i can't access pkcs11 functions in QCA::

    or any other ways to access pkcs11 functionalities as i'm not a professional qt programmer :-(
    is there any tutorial on using pkcs11 in QT?or any sample project??

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