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Qt-SDK with Tutorial 2

  • continuation from

    3rd posting

    Thank you for your reply Tobias. Since I first tested Qt5 on my PC, I tried to find a tutorial about *using the API to create apps, but all I could find was tutorials about using RAD to create apps, and, as I said in my original posting, "Please note that what I require is not a RAD...", so all the examples or tutorials given in the welcome page of the Qt RAD program became irrelevant to me.
    Let me elaborate on the subject a bit more. Know arithmetic, I can understand how to apply this knowledge in Vectorial Mathematics, but I will never be able to calculate the distance between two points. Thus, I can see where to plug the code using Qt's RAD, but I will never know how to create an app by myself.
    Perhaps you have read "... C++ in 21 days", well that takes you from the ground up in C++, that is the style of tutorial that I am looking for.
    Perhaps I am mistaken about the different tutorials officered by Qt, but I could not find one that would resemble the superiority of style that GTKmm tutorial provides. Please, please correct me if I am mistaken.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you want something that is not interactive and good for offline reading you can always "get a book": :) I am not aware of a Qt 5 specific book yet, but the Qt 4 lessons do still apply for the biggest part.

    I am not aware of something like the Gtkmm tutorial, but apart from a really short introduction that seems to consist mostly of a list of classes with some description. The Qt reference documentation has better contents on those matters IMHO and is available both online and offline. So I'd recommend just setting up a simple project in Creator (it really creates just a couple of small files) and checking out the files with the reference documentation. That did work out well for me, but you do need to know some basic C++ skills to pull this off.

    Following the examples is another approach that people have taken, but you do not want to do that:-)

  • Thanks so much for your comment, I will do just that.

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