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4.8.4 Mac Install problems

  • Hello, I downloaded the Mac installer for 4.8.2 from today. After the install all the tools seemed to be in place except Qt Creator. I downloaded it separately and installed it. When I run it, there are no kits nor any Qt Versions available. When I follow the instructions to add versions, the sample screens online don't match the screens in this build of Qt Creator (2.6.1).

    I'm a bit stuck.

    fwiw; I downloaded the windows version on a Windows 7 box and everything ran correctly immediately.

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    You need to have Xcode and Command Line Tools installed, too (compiler must be there). Then in Kits, QtC should recognise clang/g++ compilers and you just need to add Qt Version (browse to where qmake binary is and select it).

  • Thanks but.

    XCode is in along with the command line tools. Qt Creator does find and list all the compilers. When I browse to the folder with qmake /Developer/Tools/Qt or /usr/bin neither of them allows me to select either the folder or qmake itself. (the app stays greyed out, the folders only have "Open" as an option.

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    Ah yeah, that sometimes happens. I only do work on a Mac when I'm forced to, so I'm not an expert here. Default Qt installation (pre-Qt5) spreads all the data over the HDD. I usually use Qt that I compile myself with -prefix or -developer-build, then it all stays in one place and is recognised by QtC. That is probably not a nice solution for you, though.

  • I'll try that

    ./configure -developer-build


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    Go ahead.

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