Qtcreator and header source switch

  • When I have a split view I've noticed recently that hitting f4 to change from header to source changes the other split view rather than the current split view. This is annoying in itself since I tend to have a second document open there for a reason, but I also noticed that the add definition changes in the current view. This has changed very recently (last git update).

    So my workflow used to involve having header and source on one split. I would hit f4 to switch to header, add definition which would take me to source, then f4 back to header.
    Now it is more like, f4 switches to different split and to header, add definition changes to source (I know have duplicate source split), f4 switches to other split and to header.. repeat (i.e. I'm now jumping back and forth between the split views).

    I've dug around for any potential settings that might affect this but so far nothing. Any ideas?

  • Unfortunately I have no idea, but I have to ask you, are you South African? (Your username means "hangover" where I come from :D )

  • Haha yeah I am

  • Hi,

    (I'm not 100% sure if this is for QtCreator 2.6 or 2.7)

    I think that in tools-options-text Editor-display there should be checkbox for disableing opening links in next split.

    if you prefer working in single split, just disable it. however, you can still open links in next split, even if it is disabled, with CTRL+ALT+LMBclick

    same thing goes for opening in current split, if CB above is checked.


  • Eureka! Looked all over environment and editor behaviour but did not think to pay much attention to display. Cheers Petar

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