How to output a single line in Qt Creator 2.4.1 ?

  • I'm using Qt Creator 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4

    I've made a simple "Hello, world" program

    @int main()
    std::cout << "Hello World!" << std::endl;

    But when I run it, nothing appears in the Application output, how to enable it?

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    Either run in terminal (there is a checkbox in Projects pane) or use qDebug().

  • Where exactly this checkbox in the Project pane? right click?

  • In the left, you have a bar, go to "Project">>"Run Settings" and you will see a checkbox with a text "Run on Terminal"...

    I think is this.

  • I have added /Applications/Utilities/ to the Preferences -> Environment,

    in “Project”>>“Run Settings” the checkbox was already checked,

    now on the left side line "Launching" freezes for a long time with a grey color
    and 4 Terminal windows appear on the back screen. What is wrong?

  • Try right click on project and clean project, after this, do a qmake, rebuild and build, and try run application again. I never see this, can you send the complete code of your application?

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