QT5 widget promotion: button stop working.

  • Hello there!

    I have this scenario:

    1- I have a mainwindow form, with only an empty qwidget in it.
    2- I promote this widget to my class form "menu". This class form has only a qpushbutton and an empty qwidget.
    3- This menu qpushbutton has a slot on_pushButton_clicked that shows a qdebug message. It works.
    4- Now, I promote the empty qwidget in "menu" to my button class. My button class has only a qlabel and a qpushbutton. This qpushbutton has not any slot associated to it.

    My error is that, when I run the proyect at this point, the menu->qpushbutton has stopped working, and now the qpushbutton that shows the slot on_pushButton_clicked is the button->qpushbutton.

    What is what I'm doing wrong? This almost hasn't code, aside the on_pushButton_clicked slot in "menu" class.

    Thanks for your answers and your time.

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