Is there any way to animate QAction button on panel ?

  • I've got some QTabBar with some QActions on it. And I want to make some animation of one of it's actions. For example with the help of 5-6 images. I know that I can make some timer and slot when I will change action's icon for each tick(). But is there any other more standard way to do this ?

  • I think I'd not manipulate the QAction, but create a button that runs the animation instead. Recognize that QAction is not a widget. A QAction put on a QToolBar (not a QTabBar, that one draws tabs) is represented by a QToolButton. You could make your own QToolButton, and for instance put a QLabel on which you put a QMovie. Then, either set that button manually on the tool bar, or wrap the widget in a QWidgetAction.

  • Ok, thanks, Andre. Is there any way to add QToolButton to QToolBar with the help of designer ?(I can't actualy do this when drag'n'drop). Or I need to do this manually in code ?

  • Eh... Not sure. Try and see!
    Do you have objections to writing code?

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