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Scheduled QJSEngine improvements?

  • I wrote a wonderfully useful Qt 4.8.3 application, not my first, which I use in the laboratory work I do. I fully incorporated plays an important role in how I use the program, basically letting me expose core functionality to JavaScripts that I make to control the lab hardware in my own way. I understand and appreciate the QJSEngine in Qt5 has the speed, etc., enhancements of V8--but I feel like the switch was a little beta--unfinished even. I do understand from the Qt bug database that technical issues arose in trying to implement full JavaScript to Qt signals-slots. But, as an example, what about a smoother transition--such as the inclusion of the constructors that allow me to JavaScript new a QObject? The Qt 4.8.3 'Making Applications Scriptable' was a masterpiece. Now, QtScript has evidently been tagged as obsolete and so I would have to rework a few things. Can we count on Qt for a stable an consistent API in the future?

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    QtScript is not going away for the whole life of Qt5, so no worries. It's also still a maintained module.

    V8 indeed proved a bit problematic in some areas, but was ported well enough to be used in QtQuick 2. v4vm is also in the making. I don't know official plans for the API, though, that is a question better suited for Qt development mailing list or IRC.

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