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[RESOLVED] Qt libraries

  • Forgive the dumb question, but they are the only kind I have.

    Are there there sources for Qt libraries? As I recall, C used to have libraries that you could import into a program you were writing. I'm assuming Qt must have the same type of thing. I find it hard to believe that Qt comes with all the libraries possible.

    Thanks from the newbie.

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    I'm not sure I understand. Are you asking for the source code of Qt itself? You can get zipped source of the official releases "here": or the latest via git "here":

    What do you mean by having all the libraries possible? Qt is a large library with years of development behind it and has accumulated tons of tons of features but it certainly does not have it all.

  • Here is an example of a C/C++ library source...

    I'm looking for a Qt source.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Qt is not a collection of 3rd party libraries. It IS a library. It implements most of the stuff listed under the link you gave - rich UIs, db access, networking, graphics, regexp, threading and many many more. Almost all of it is Qts own implementation with source code provided under the links I listed. There are only very few external library dependencies - icu, angle or openssl to name some of them.

    Also - you seem to be talking about Qt like it was some new language. It is not. It's a C++ (and QML) library that you can use with (almost) any C++ compiler.

  • No offense, Krzysztof. I'm new to Qt and calling on my C background, little as it is, to guide me. How can I learn, if I don't ask the dumb questions.

    Thank you for instructing me.

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    No problem, ask away. That's what this forum is for ;)
    My suggestion though would be to grab a good book or a tutorial on C++ first. Qt is designed to ease many of the daily tasks C++ programmer faces, but it's a huge library so a solid grasp on a language and its concepts would be a good idea before you dive into libraries.

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