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Control the Behaviour of one instance from another ( kill or run )

  • I have a QtSingleApplication.

    I've started an instance A.

    Next I start an instance B.

    B uses sendmessage() to send a message to A.

    A uses this message ( received with messageReceived() signal )to determine whether B should continue running or not.

    How do I inform B of this decision?

    I had thought of inserting the process ID of B..with the message sent to A, and using this process ID, perhaps A can force B's closure or have it continue?

    If this is a correct flow, how do I get the process Id ( I don't know whether there'll be one for QtSingleApplication, or for a process, and if Pid QProcess::processID() ), will be any good? ).

    Also, once I have it, how do I force B's closure? Or inform it of any message?

    Please help me with it. Thank you.

  • I think that I'd make B listen on a port, and communicate the port number to A. Then A can open a connection to B on that port, and you can use a simple protocol over TCP to communicate between the instances. You could also considder using a solution like "QxtRPCPeer": for your communication.

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