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QTreeView->setRowHidden() does not work

  • Hi!
    Despite trying many combinations to call setRowHidden() that method always fail silently without any kind of error.
    After banging my head against this for hours I took a look at the implementation file qtreeview.cpp and realized that there are two checks at the beginning of this method:

    @if (!d->model) return;@


    @if (!index.isValid()) return;@

    Unfortunately there is no easy way for me to know under which condition (if any) I fall in?

    Below is my call to that function and also the body of QTreeView::setRowHidden().

    my method call:

    standardItem->setBackground(QColor::fromRgb(210,210,210)); //this line works just fine so I know standardItem is my item
    ui->treeView->setRowHidden(standardItem->index().row(), standardItem->parent()->index(), true); //this does nothing???

    Body of setRowHidden():

    void QTreeView::setRowHidden(int row, const QModelIndex &parent, bool hide)
    if (!d->model) return;
    QModelIndex index = d->model->index(row, 0, parent);
    if (!index.isValid()) return;
    if (hide) {
    } else if(d->isPersistent(index)) { //if the index is not persistent, it cannot be in the set

    Requirement is I need to dynamically hide/show some of the rows while maintaining the structure of the underlying Model attached to the QTreeView.

    Any help in figuring that out would be much appreciated.
    Thanks :-)

  • Where do you set the model on the treeview? Are you sure that model is valid by the time you want to set the row as hidden?

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