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[SOLVED] error: 'QObject::QObject(const QObject&)' is private

  • Hi all,

    i have this situation:

    #include <QObject>

    class MeteoLocale: public QObject

    virtual ~MeteoLocale();

    QList<MeteoLocale> underList;


    and this is the error that return:

    error: 'QObject::QObject(const QObject&)' is private

    exist a some kind of metod to do this?


  • The copy constructor is private, thus you have to use pointers in your list.

    QList<MeteoLocale *>

  • but i need to set value not pointer...

  • A QObject and it derivations are non-copyable (more specifically non-copy-constructible and non-assignable). The container classes, like QList, require a copyable type.

    Therefore you cannot create a QList of QObject objects. You will have to create a QList of pointer to QObject (<code>QList<MeteoaLocale *> underList</code>).

  • To complete Lukas Geyer answer, the reason why QObject cannot be copied nor assigned is because they are considered individuals: they can have a name, a parent, children and connections. As copying these all would not make sense, it was made impossible.

    Just allocate your objects with 'new' and fill your list with the returned pointers

  • Tanks to all guy, to solve i have decide to remove the QObject ensension and for interact whit QML i create another object whit the same property but extend QObject.

    Tnx to all

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