[SOLVED] QDir with a QResource path is not initialized in the constructor

  • Hello,

    I have the following problem :
    QDir m_iconsResourcePath;

    QFile m_codesFile;



    MyClass::MyClass(QStandardItemModel *model)

    The QDir is not initialized but the QFile is. The QResource paths and prefixes are double-checked so they point to the right places. Initializing the QDir with an absolute file system path works fine too.

    Any ideas what am I doing wrong?


    Edit: Clarified the title a little :-)

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    Seems indeed strange. Try passing "qrc:/Icons/languages"), or construct the path with QUrl.

    Is this in Qt4 or Qt5?

  • Thanks for your reply sierdzio.

    I found the problem, although I don't understand why is happening. The weirdness with the path occurs when I try to use the resources in a separate library that I link statically in the main app. If I move the resources from the library's .pro file to the main app's .pro file, then the constructor in the library works fine... I would still prefer to use these resources in the separate library though.

    This is Qt5 on OS X and Linux.

  • Did you read "Using Resources in the Application":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/resources.html#using-resources-in-the-application and try?

    From doc:
    If you have resources in a static library, you might need to force initialization of your resources by calling Q_INIT_RESOURCE() with the base name of the .qrc file. For example:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    return app.exec();
    Maybe this help.

  • Apparently I missed that part in the doc... It works fine now.

    Thank you Hostel.

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