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Command-click, does not activate window unless there's a popup/combobox/dropdown menu

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to have an application that does not activate when clicking on its window with the Apple-Command key pressed so that the other application does not loose focus.

    It works well:

    • can drag/move the window without activating it
    • can close the application without activating it
    • can click on QPushButton's (or QToolButton's ...)


    • cannot click on the arrow of a QToolButton to display a popup menu without activating the application :-(

    Do you know how to avoid activating the application when Command-clicking a Qt button's popup menu?

    For example, let's say we have Chrome running and another application on top that is activated (e.g.: Finder): then it is possible to keep Finder activated while interacting with Chrome and the Command-Click (changing tab, right clicking on a page or link, going back&forth in the history with a long click on the prev/next arrows ...).


    Configuration: Qt 4.8.1 & Mac OS X 10.7

    [[Added some formating, Tobias]]

  • I've tried with Qt 5.0.0, the problem still persists but is different: when Command-clicking on a QComboBox of a Qt application window which is not activated, the application does indeed not activate but now the dropdown menu does not show up and the Qcombobox 'button' keeps in the 'Pressed' state even when the mouse button is released.

    I don't where/how the menu is drawn in Qt's source code with Cocoa, but I could give a try to modifiy Qt's source. Do you know where it is located?

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