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Queries on different Qt frameworks - Qt X11 (4 series), Qtopia, QtMobility, Qt5

  • Hi, I am new to Qt programming. I have been reading some materials on net and the excellent documentation that you have in your site. I have a software ( an Automotive IVI demo on PC using Qt 4.7.0 on Linux using X11 version) which I would need to enhance and port on an embedded platform. I have some basic queries here:

    • Can some one please tell me what is difference between QtMobility and Qt Embedded flavor like Qtopia?
    • There are some UX support like "Feedback" in QtMobility but that seems to be absent in Qt 4.7.0. Is it possible to use both the frameworks together in a system?
    • For Automotive IVI, is qtopia the best choice in comparison to Qt X11 (assuming that we have an embedded Linux version running on the system). Can we considered QtMobility also as a choice for Automotive IVI HMI?
    • Can Qt5 be used for both Desktop as well as embedded platforms like IVI HMI?

    Please pardon me for these disjoint queries but I believe I would be need to clear these doubts before I start with Qt.


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    QtMobility is a module of Qt. I've not used it, so I'm not sure, but I think it can be used with both Qt4.7 and 4.8. It is build into Qt5, actually. Qtopia is an old project, but I think someone is still developing it somewhere (was that QtMoko?).

    In Qt 4.8, you have QWS (Qt Windowing System) available for embedded platforms, and QPA support. Qt5 comes with full QPA integration and that is considered the way to go now (Qt was made more platform independent, with most OS-dependent hooks moved to QPA plugins).

    That probably does not clear your view much, though. To put it short: if possible, port to Qt5 and enjoy all the improvements it brings. If not, move to Qt4.8, it will continue receiving bugfixes for some time.

  • Thanks for your comments Sierdzio. I have downloaded Qt5 SDK and just started looking into it. I believe integrating webkit2 in Qt5 is a major step forward in Qt framework as that would allow one to develop a hybrid solution ( HTML5 and Native QT based ) for Automotive HMI.
    As you have stated that QtMobility is built iin Qt5 , can you please let me know the equivalent of QSensor and QFeedback classes of QtMobility in Qt5? I did find QCameraFeedbackControl though.

    Also how do we handle Haptic UX and Speech UX in Qt5?


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    Sorry, I'm not using QtMobility myself, I have no idea.

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