[SOLVED] Superimpose Qwidget background on QMainWindow background

  • I have a mainwindow with a Qwidget as the central widget, which in turn consists of serveral widgets. Both the mainwindow and the central widget have a a background image but I'm not able to superimpose the central widget background on the mainwindow background. The central widget background image is translucent so I should be able to see the foggy background image of the mainwindow. The code I'm using now in the mainwindow is

    QPalette p = palette();
    QPixmap pixmap1("background.jpg");

        QDesktopWidget* desktopWidget = QApplication::desktop();
        QRect rect = desktopWidget->availableGeometry();
        QSize size(rect.width() , rect.height());
        QPixmap pixmap(pixmap1.scaled(size));
        p.setBrush(QPalette::Background,  pixmap);


    CentralWidget *cw = new CentralWidget();
    cw->setStyleSheet("background-image: url(bckng.png);");

    Even if I try to set only the central widget background, the image appears as a background for the widgets inside the central widget and not the central widget as a whole.
    I know I have not framed the question very well, but if you are able to understand it, please do help me.

  • Can you attach an image of the result that you are getting, it will be of help.

  • Umm, please don't laugh at me. How do I attach a local file from my computer?

  • Instead of a central widget, I used a QLabel, assigned the layouts to it and set the stylesheet. And it worked!

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