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  • i am making a application like notepad in menu bar there is file , edit and etc .

    But when i click Alt+F it is not opening File menu.Please Solve This Problem****

    Thank you.

  • Use "&File" in the File Menu instead of using "File" only

  • Thank You Alot

  • BTW, just a reminder... using "&File" means your are "using" ALT+F" as a shortcut for the "File menu'... which also means that you can't use it again with other widgets on the same window (e.g. QMenu, QPushbutton, QLabel w/ buddy, etc.)

    For example, "Button1" and "Button2"... you might recklessly think of using "&Button1" and "&Button2" . It will result into "conflict"!

    use another letter instead (or character?) for the other button, like this:
    "&Button1" ----> ALT+B
    "B&utton2" ----> ALT+U

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