[SOLVED] Qt5 QMenuBar in QMainWindow does not respond properly to touch on Windows 8

  • I just moved my application from Qt 4.4 to Qt 5.0. On a touch tablet (Samsung Series 7) running Windows 8, using Qt 4.4, I am able to operate the menubar (QMenuBar) in my main window (QMainWindow) via touch without any issues.

    However, after moving to Qt 5.0, using touch to operate the menu is a very frustrating experience. Sub-menus do not stay open unless doing a long-press. Sometimes the sub-menus simply close after pressing a menu item without firing the expected actions. Sometimes the menu item actions fire. A search of the forum doesn't appear to show anyone else with similar issues.

    Is there a property or method I should set/call to make the menu work with touch (as it does with Qt 4.4)?

  • Found a way to fix touch support in Qt menus on Win8:

    // repeat for each menu added to the menubar

    By disabling touch, the menu works with touch on Windows 8 (?!?).

    I suppose that unregistering the menu means that I'm circumventing the Qt touch support that was added after 4.4.

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