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Undefined reference to '_imp__ZN9QGLWidgetC2ERQ9QGLFormat...'

  • Hi there,

    I just quit MS .NET and started with QT. I was implementing an example from QT's tutorial "hellogl" starting from the scratch. I got the error message shown above + 14 more of them, related to formats and widgets. I searched every possible place to find answer why I have got this error message but I could not find any answer. So here I am! What is causing this error? Any idea?

    I am very surprized that such a small code will create so many error messages.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and help.
    OS : Windows7


  • have you added opengl module t your pro file ?

  • I put this one in the header file :
    #include <QTOpenGL/QGLWidget>

    and the rest of the "Widget" code starts like this and foolows the example with a different name and namespace :

    class QtLogo;

    namespace VisualPresenters

    class Canvas3D : public QGLWidget
        Canvas3D(QWidget* parent = NULL);

    Thanks for the response. Should I need to add more or am I missing something here?


  • You are right! I have added

    QT += opengl

    to .pro file and it seems that this part of the problem is solved.

    Thank you!

  • your welcome :D

  • NorskQt, welcome to the qt forum!
    Please use the @ tag for the source code in your post. thanks.

  • OK! Next time I will put @tag to my code snippets.

    Sorry! :o)

  • First: Qt is not QT(QuickTime)
    Second: What do version of Qt you use? May be it was build without opengl support?

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