Encountering issues while trying to start a command line process (openoffice.org) from inside Qt program

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to run a command from inside Qt. I would like to do it like fire and forget, meaning i don't need the program to wait for my process to stop, before continuing. In essence, the openoffice.org process I start applies a macro on a document used as template.
    In essence this code work perfectly in a bash shell:
    openoffice.org3 "macro:///Standard.Module1.findandreplace" template.doc
    or as
    openoffice.org3 template.doc "macro:///Standard.Module1.findandreplace"

    The trouble is that when trying to do the same from inside the Qt program (as explained in QProcess help page) it's not the same success.

    QString parameter="template.doc"
    QString program = "openoffice.org3 "; // tried also with QString program = "/usr/bin/openoffice.org3 "; same results
    QStringList arguments;
    arguments <<parameter<<" "macro:///Standard.Module1.findandreplace" ";

            QProcess *myProcess = new QProcess();// tried also with ... new QProcess(this);
            myProcess->start(program, arguments);


    Any ideas on this?; From what i understood, all you have to do is prepare the args list for the program, which in this case is the macro and the template file.

    I get no error.

    Thank you,

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    If you don't want to wait for the process to finish, use QProcess::startDetached(). Why are you adding a space after the program name?

    You can try adding the whole line (program name + arguments) to the first parameter of QProcess::start(), leaving the arguments QStringList empty. That sometimes works better.

  • Hello sierdzio,

    Thank you very much for your recommendation. It was magnificent. Now I have an other issue, but this is not related to Qt.
    When Openoffice starts it gives me this error:
    "BASIC runtime error.
    Property or method not found: createReplaceDescriptor"

    It is very strange, because when I open the file manually and go to Tools -> Macros -> Run Macro and I select findandreplace it works perfectly.
    If any clues, greatly appreciated (though again is not related to Qt)


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