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[SOLVED] DrawEllipse and save image problem

  • Hi to all,
    I'm trying to draw an ellipse and save it in a PNG file.
    The image is really simple, but I've a problem because the image saved is not clear (it has something like noise...).

    @ QImage *placemark = new QImage(QSize(16,16),QImage::Format_ARGB32);
    QPainter p;

    placemark->save(QString("./images/%1.png").arg(name), "PNG")<< endl;

    The variable c is a QColor.
    The result is this "image":

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    Have you tried to clear the image first?

    It will contain random bits after construction. Cleaning them up takes time and an idea which color the user will want as a background.

    If you are going to draw each pixel anyway, then that clean-up time as also wasted.

  • Thank you so much Tobias!
    I've solved by cleaning the image.
    I've used this code:

    @ painter.setCompositionMode(QPainter::CompositionMode_Source)
    painter.fillRect(0,0,image->width(),image->height(), Qt::transparent);
    Now it is ok!!

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