QFile, accessing samba shares using password (on windows)

  • Hi all,
    I need to read a file in a samba server using username and password.

    To read the file in windows I use the following address:

    it ask me username and password and I can read the file.

    If I use this:

    it can't read the file because of authentication.

    How can I pass username and password to QFile to access the file?

  • Good, question have you find a solution?

  • Unfortunately... no.

    I used a public share (without password).

  • I don't think Windows allows access to remote shares using the C/C++ API, you probably have to go through WinAPI calls for the SMB protocol. You can implement a QAbstractFileEngine for it and use it with QFile then. But I don't think a ready to use solution is available right now. And you can check if this about passowrd on Windows can help

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