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Unable to manually add past Qt versions on OS X

  • I am trying to build an application that was developed using Qt 4.8, but I'm using the latest version of Creator. I tried to go into Preferences -> Build & Run -> Qt Versions -> Add... in order to select qmake-4.8 in /usr/bin, however it is greyed-out in the file dialog, and there is no way for me to select it.

    What is the cleanest way for me to get Qt Creator building using qmake-4.8 and the 4.8 libraries?


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    Compile Qt 4.8 yourself using prefixing (-prefix $PWD or -developer-build) and don't run make install. This will produce a self-contained build that will not get replaced by any newer version.

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    We are looking for a host of different ways qmake is installed on unix platforms, but IIRC that one is not in the mix!

    Try symlinking it to plain qmake (qmake-qt4 or qmake4).

    You might want to "file a bug report": about this issue, too if that qmake was installed via any way that might be used by people other than you;-). qmake-version.number should be not that uncommon. Not sure that anybody will add that, but worth a try.

  • Thanks. I merely ran the Qt 5 installer and then ran the Qt 4.8 installer, so it may be a common problem. I'll file a bug report.

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